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Landscaping and gardening in the Bay Area. The 2014 gardening season is here, and we have had plenty of dry weather so it's time to conserver. The Bay Area and Eastbay landscaping and gardening season can stretch year round and summer months are always the busiest time to meet with contractors and landscapers. This year looks to be a busy season as bay area houses are selling at an accelerated pace. We have seen some amazing gardens and landscapes on the eastbay garden club tour and the diversity of plants and gardens keeps getting better! When planning a garden or landscape, please take into consideration the environmental impacts of your project. Drought tolerant, native plant species are going to be a more popular choice.
Don't forget you can grow plenty of tasty edibles in a decorative garden!
Plant California Natives
Save Money, Conserve Water, and choose plants that do great naturally in this area

There are plenty of plants you most likely already know, that are california native. Lavender, rosemary, catmint, heuchera, coreopsis. penstemon, various sages, ceanothus (Wild Lilac), Flax, salvias, oreganos, thymes, santolinas, yarrows, verbenas, and many more...
Bulbs Rhizomes and Tubers
Planting flower bulbs can be an easy way to add color and variety to garden areas. Plant a variety of bulbs during the Fall and Winter season and simply enjoy their arrival in various times of the year.

Using flower bulbs such as Lily, Narcissus, Tulip, Iris, Crocus, and Daffodil to add new color and character to the garden, this can often be done without hiring a landscaper.
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